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1/2 Marathon

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CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL FINISHERS OF THIS YEARS 1/2 MARATHON WALK!  Be sure to join us again next year, Oct 12th, 2013...

Thank you to the volunteers:


It’s YOUR Move Contact


Phone: 612-940-3149


Course Information:

Course is an out and back, flat, yet scenic.  Begins at St Vincent de Paul Church in Brooklyn Park and travels on the Coon Rapids Dam Regional Trail. The only rise in elevation is the bridge that passes over Hwy 169.

Walk begins at 8am.

7 hour course time limit.

You are sure to enjoy your day and time with family and friends.

Make it YOUR MOVE...and make a change today



2013 Training Registration Form & Waiver

IYM 2013 Registration.pdf

Walking Preconditioning Training Programs 2013:

Pre-Conditioning It's YOUR Move....pdf

It's YOUR Move Flyer.pdf

Beginning Walk Program.pdf

Intermediate Walking.pdf

Beginner Walk:Jog 5K.pdf


In  an effort to optimize the quality of life of many in our Maple Grove and surrounding communities, GENERATION ENDURANCE is happy to present this inaugural walking 1/2 marathon.  Registration will open September 1, 2013.  Course time limit is 7 hours.

If you are interested in joining our training group read on.

This past winter, athletes from around the world gathered in Vancouver for the 21st Winter Olympics.  For those of us spectators, the olympic athletes present a physical excellence that seems far out of reach.  But we need not despair because we can’t imagine reaching such physical perfection.  With a little planning and a dose of commitment we can all reach a new level of physical fitness that we never dreamed possible.

Come find out how to engage your body, inspire your soul and improve your fitness in a motivating and fulfilling way!

It’s YOUR Move.... is a program offered by GENERATION ENDURANCE.  It is an adult walk/jog/run group that will help you establish realistic goals, formulate a plan for your success and stay close to your side along your journey.

Beginning to Advanced - The program provides personal attention and direction for you to take the proper steps to get started, stay motivated and meet your goals.  Beginners will find knowledge in the skill and experience of the more advanced walkers and runners, and comfort in knowing they can move at their own pace.  Our group is diverse. Walk/Jog/Run.....finish line oriented and finish time oriented......7 min/mile pace to 14 min/mile pace....come move with us and find your “Happy Pace” from the 5k, 10k, 10 miler, 1/2 marathon walk or the 26.2 mile marathon!

Organization - On season number five, the program is laid out for individual success.

Season - Group training is held every Saturday, June - Oct, with 3/4 of the training departing from the parking lot of St Vincent de Paul church in Brooklyn Park. The 20 week walking program and marathon training officially begins in May with the first group training on June 11th. The 15 week, 10 mile training program group runs begin July 11th and the 5K/10K training programs can begin anytime.  

Optimizing YOUR Quality of Life....

Did you know that physical activity alone can help minimize the risk for cardiovascular disease (the number one killer in America today), type 2 diabetes, overweight and obesity, osteoporosis, anxiety and depression, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol and colon and breast cancer?  

Did you know that physical activity attenuates the aging process by decreasing the loss of physiological function?  Sedentary people age faster......they are weaker, have balance and gait changes, and have a higher incidence of chronic disease!

It's YOUR Move.....

The recommendations set by the Centers for Disease Control, National Institutes of Health, American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association and the American College of Sports Medicine all concur that 30 minutes of moderate activity on most if not all days of the week will improve an individuals physical and psychological well being!

If you can walk, I invite you to participate in a 20 week exercise training program that will be sure to optimize your quality of life!  The program will provide a detailed training schedule, weekly training updates, motivational tips and strategies, accountability in training, three Wellness Seminars, three 30 minute functional core strengthening classes, nutritional replacement samples for walks over 60 minutes, goal setting, nutritional guidance and weekly blog topics.  Informational meeting on......... Training program begins the week of May 22nd.  

It's YOUR Move......


It’s YOUR Move.....1/2 Marathon Walk


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